Engage in preliminary discussions with the supply authority on your behalf. Investigate and assess the opportunities available on the existing network. Prepare and submit connection or relocation applications. Work through the design process with the supply authority.


Undertake feasibility studies in the very early stages of a project to identify and evaluate feasible options. Various stakeholders, authorities and other third parties may need to be consulted in the preparation of feasibility studies.


Assess construction works and developments within close proximity to overhead power lines to ensure compliance with WorkCover, Australian Standards, ISSC 20 and Transport for NSW ASA standards and guidelines. Provide advice on the safe working distances required and guidance on risk control measures.

Our electrical engineering consultancy services include:

Supply authority liaison
Site investigations
Feasibility studies
Work near powerlines

Maximum demand calculations
Connection applications
Relocation applications
Electrical due diligence studies

Utility locating
DBYD map consolidation
Advice on 3rd party asset relocations
Power monitoring/logging

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